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Last year we were introduced to Jessica Sweidan, one of the many brains behind Synchronicity Earth – an initiative created in order to coordinate effective conservation for the environment.

 Within 5 minutes, we wanted to know where to sign up.

One of the main focuses this year for Synchronicity Earth is helping to prevent currently endangered animals going extinct. Every year Bex Rox has a new mascot that we include in our collections. From our wolves to elephants, seahorses to antelopes, they have become part of our iconic identity.

To get involved, we partnered up with creatives in Nairobi, Kenya to create Limited Edition charity bracelets, sold at the Synchronicity Earth event, to raise money for the charity. These were designed by us here at Bex Rox and then produced in Nairobi.

Each colour way represents a location where endangered animals are…

We also made 2 other colour ways, which didn’t relate to a specific area but were still used to raise money.

The gold pendant attached to the front is engraved on each side – one side has the endangered symbol on and the other has ‘#earthrox’ on.

The bracelets were all made by hand in a very short space of time, by a group of people in Nairobi.