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Last year we were introduced to Jessica Sweidan, one of the many brains behind Synchronicity Earth -an initiative created in order to coordinate effective conservation for the environment.

 Within 5 minutes, we wanted to know where to sign up.

One of the main focuses this year for Synchronicity Earth is helping to prevent currently endangered animals going extinct. Every year Bex Rox has a new mascot that we include in our collections. From our wolves to elephants, seahorses to antelopes, they have become part of our iconic identity.


This year, 2017, we decided to let you do the choosing.


We have teamed up with Synchronicity Earth to give you a chance to create a bespoke hand made in London animal jewel creation. The proceedings will go to Synchronicity Earth who helps save these animals, and numerous others, from extinction.”

Each week we will select from the never-ending list of endangered animals, and focus on what we can do to help in the best way that we can – preserving them in a customised piece of jewellery!

We will be giving you the facts on the hand picked endangered animal as well as offer you a chance to do your part in this worthy fight for their preservation; the chance to keep them alive by transforming it into a bespoke gem. We will design your most loved animal facing extinction as a piece of jewellery in any metal or stone you choose.

We will get you into the studio for an appointment and design your bespoke piece of jewellery for you which will be produced in London.

For more info contact us at

Before kicking off with inspirational creation,  we sat down with  Jessica Sweidan, who together with partner Adam Sweidan, aim to have an impact within the conservation realm.


Jessica Sweidan.

How did Synchronicity Earth begin?

Synchronicity Earth was created as a response to an emergent understanding that our environment was (and still is) in jeopardy. Off the back of many years of philanthropy – where my husband and I supported a wide range or projects and ideas, globally – it became crystal clear that without a healthy environment, nothing that we are supporting would stand the test of time. The environment is the one thing that binds everything – all humans, all life – together.

As a charity, what is your end goal?

It’s big! I guess, I would say, a world where humanity and natural systems are aligned – where we place nature in the forefront of our minds, whether as individuals, communities or businesses. We need to restore balance, and not take life on earth for granted. We need to get much better at protecting our planet, so that it can still be one of abundance, flourishing with life.

Women Octopus Fishing – Blue Ventures

How do you go about achieving your aims?

By combining rigour with synchronicity. Synchronicity Earth is effectively an environmental network hub that specialises in finding crucial gaps in current thinking, action and funding. We are an organisation that has created an approach, based in deep scientific research, guided by leading experts, that is trying to help solve – or at least bring to the fore – these enormous problems and the significance they have on our lives. Guided by science, we then find, work with and support both financially and in-kind, environmental defenders and organisations who know better than we, how to effect lasting change. We heed calls, and bring those voices to people like you. Our aim is to grow the overall amount of philanthropy supporting excellent environmental projects, and to be a platform through which people can do more. At the moment, only about 4% of charitable giving supports the environment. When one appreciates that the environment is the foundation of everything, this is an absurdly small amount. We need to shift our priorities.

Can you give us some tips on how to become more conscious?

We need to realise the power that being a consumer bestows upon us, and to learn how to use this influence more effectively. How can we understand where the products we buy – clothing, food, furniture, electronics – actually come from? How they are made? What producing and transporting them actually entails? We may have heard of child labour in the fashion industry or conflict diamonds in Africa, but lengthy supply chains often mask an everyday story of habitat and wildlife destruction that is having a catastrophic impact on ecosystems around the globe. If we consider the whole planet, rather than the small patch of it we inhabit, to be our home, then knowing what is actually happening to it is the vital first step towards change.

Regeneration: Children Planting Trees – Jamil Sinyor

What is your greatest achievement so far?

So far, I feel our greatest success has been in dedicating significant time and resource to designing and implementing an amazing platform to tackle both the extinction crisis and the challenges facing our natural world. In the space of just 10 years, I feel we have created an incredible network of the best thinkers and doers in the environmental realm. This spectrum includes activists, scientists, artists, and on-the-ground conservationists. We now have the infrastructure to scale up and it feels like we are poised and ready to tackle these extremely important issues head on.

With so many NGOs and charities out there, where do we start? Is it overwhelming?

An important element of Synchronicity Earth’s role is to identify the organisations that are most effective in the environmental space. By developing close relationships with these groups and, in some cases, helping to connect them to other individuals and groups working towards similar goals, we have the confidence to point donors in the direction of those NGOs that are bringing about genuine positive change for endangered species, vulnerable habitats and the people whose livelihood depend on them.

Lady Painting Map – The Gaia Foundation

How can people help to spread awareness of the support that the environment needs?

I  would  suggest  that  it  is  now  less  about  awareness and more about action. It seems to me that there is an abundance of awareness – if we choose to be tuned in to it – and that challenge of our time is less about making people aware, and more about getting those that ARE aware to contribute to solving these problems. That said, I feel it is essential to start working on ways in which we embed the importance of nature into all aspects of our lives.

At the moment, we do not live with any regard to the other 1.1 million other known species that we share our planet with(not to mention the many millions we don’t yet know). Those species are essential for our well-being; we need to realise that and appreciate our interconnectedness with all other life, for this is the only way that we can restore balance.

What are your plans for 2017?

2016 was an internally focused infrastructure building year. Our focus was on developing our systems, research and core strategies, and we doubled our staff – we are now 10. We also introduced new funding mechanisms for regeneration (of ecosystems) projects and endowment structures for Synchronicity Earth, and other organisations that share our objectives. This means that we can channel more much-needed support towards Critically Endangered Species such as the Brown-headed spider monkey in Ecuador or the Bornean Orangutan, and organisations such as the Mangrove Action Project, and create alliances with other organisations like the Arcus Foundation and Durrell. 2017 will be one of connecting, and raising money for this platform. Personally, I hope to encourage like-minded people who want to make a meaningful difference and feel fulfilled, to join me on this journey.

Westlands – International Crane Foundation

How can we join in on the journey?

You are already on the journey – you are alive! Now it’s about recognising your fundamental interconnection to all other life on earth, and actively promoting and standing by that connection. We inhabit an extraordinarily beautiful and bountiful world; it will continue to flourish under our care. But we have to care.

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Thank you Jessica!

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