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On our recent trip to Tulum we got snapped up by a hidden gem of a store, Naia Tulum.   Everyone is talking about this hot holiday destination on the Yucatan peninsula so we thought we would sit down with a local, the buyer behind Naia Tulum to gives us a look into what’s what in Tulum.
XIMENA you have recently opened a stunning store in Tulum N A I A Tulum, 
Can you tell us a bit about your concept and why you decided to open in Tulum? 
I decided to open a boutique in Tulum because I’m in love with this place and everything it has to offer, so I wanted to be able to give something back to all the travellers that visit this unique destination! 
The boutique’s concept is based on the philosophy of “Slow Shopping”, which is the idea of turning retail sales into a whole experience for the costumer, creating a relationship with them while promoting the awareness of each product: the hidden history behind it, the materials used to bring it alive… 
What made you move to Tulum? 
I came here three years ago with Fernando, my husband, and Jerónimo, my son, because Fernando started a new project in a beautiful place called Holistika Tulum and we’ve enjoyed every moment since!
How would you describe the style in Tulum? 
Even though I don’t like the term “hippie-chic”, I think it’s the perfect fit for Tulum! Here you get to see the most sophisticated men and women going for a “relaxed” kind of look… Tulum is all about earth tones, loose kaftans and ponchos… obviously combined with great accessories. 
As a local we would love to get your insiders tips of this dreamy Yucatan destination!
Wowww, there’s sooo much to say! I’ll try to make it short:
YOGA: Sanará Hotel.  ( Perfect for morning yoga followed by a delicious organic breakfast. )
Yoga at Sanara.
BREAKFAST: Sanará (best coconut-based dishes and amazing smoothies)
Coconut and Raspberry putting at Sanara.

LUNCH: Nômade, Be Tulum or Posada Margherita.

Perfect lunch spot at Be Tulum.
DINNER: Casa Banana (their risotto is like no other),
 Arca their chayote salad is absolutely delicious. 


Chayote Salad from Arca.

Hartwood (jicama salad, empanadas de papaya, steak and pork ribs with mashed yuca and beet on the side) You have to book months in advance, that is their only downside!

Best Bar and what to order? 
GITANO. “Kisses in the car” is a MUST! It has mezcal, passion fruit and habanero! Sooo yummieee!


Always great music and great vibes.

Yaan Wellness spa.
  • Coqui Coqui Coba (perfect place to go sit by the bonfire overlooking the lagoon at sunset)
  • Muyil (a great plan to relax while floating in this amazing water stream between the mangroves)
  • Sian Ka’an Reserve (rent a jeep and go all the way to the bridge at the end of the road to watch the sunset)
  • Jashita Hotel al Soliman Bay (great place to go have lunch, 10 kms north of Tulum)
Cenote Azul
 Can’t stop listening to? 
LUM. His sets are amazing, the music he creates is the most beautiful journey for the soul!
You are now stocking Bex Rox – what’s your favourite piece and how to wear it? 
I looove all of her pieces, obviously! I think my favourites are the Celeste Friendship Bracelets and the Celeste Rings! You can mix and match this pieces with their different color options and wear them all the time, adding texture and life to a beach look or at nights to have that very necessary exquisite touch of originality to accompany any outfit. 


Celeste Friendship Bracelets


Celeste Rings 
Last words – words to live by?  
The root of joy is gratefulness… It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful”
David Steindl-Rast
 Thank you Ximena for your time!