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Last week Laura Riascos the Colombian Rum Baroness behind La Hechicera rum collaborated with Bex Rox, Alexandra Llewellyn, Yolke, Soho Bespoke, Charlotte Simone and Yosuzi to create what was a fully immersive Tropical Christmas party in her private home.

 Guests were served straight up La Hechicera rum whilst dancing through the rooms to Cuban live tunes.  perusing and shopping at all the beautiful gifts on offer.  We would love to thank everyone who made the evening such a fun wondrous merry and successful evening.



Los Boleros, Cuban Tunes


Alice Temperley and Laura Riascos.


Bex Manners Aka BEX ROX


Our on site free hand engraver Jared Robertson, Tatiana Van Lanker & Charlie Ingham Soho Bespoke.


Sarah Fenwick & Alexandra Llewellyn


Alexandra Llewellyn bespoke backgammon boards available on the evening.


Gina Patiño


Henrie Clarke & Joanna Sykes talk business over rum wearing the Bex Rox Alabama Cuff 


Chic as can be with Yosuzi.


Stunning in Charlotte Simone.


MartaMaria Carrillo stunning in red wearing the Bex Rox friendship bracelets as a necklace.


Deep in concentration engraving personal message on the Warrior chain Bracelet.


Evandro Kuhn and Cathy Azria


Heloise Gautier wearing a Yosuzi hat.


Lucho and Daniela Riascos

_z3a9426Underneath the tropical Christmas tree with love!

Merry Christmas xxx