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The Cultivist founders Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat
From Sotherby’s to the worlds only art club The Cultivist.  We sit down with co-founder Daisy Peat to get the Frieze London lowdown and what’s behind their art club.
“The art wold can be a pretty intimidating place at times so offering these opportunities within a friendly, unpretentious and stimulating environment was something people were seeking out,”
When did you start and what sparked your idea to start an arts club?
 We officially launched The Cultivist in June 2015. The idea came about while I was working at Sotheby’s – I noticed a growing demand for access to the art world, both invitations to events, VIP passes to art fairs and assistance with art travel etc. but also collectors wanting access to other collectors, to the artists themselves, to curators and museum directors as a way of developing their understanding of the arts and therefore building a base upon which to develop their passion. The art wold can be a pretty intimidating place at times so offering these opportunities within a friendly, unpretentious and stimulating environment was something people were seeking out.
Where else does the Cultivist travel to at the moment? 
Wherever our members want to go!! That sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s true. We have contacts all over the world and have connected our members to artists, collectors and art world academics all over the world. As a team we tend to travel quite a bit too, we like to stay on top of what’s happening in the big cultural destinations but it’s important for us to know what’s happening in the up and coming artist communities too.
Your most recent favourite art destination and why?
 Right now I would say Lisbon. Generally Lisbon is having a bit of a moment with some great hotels and restaurants opening up there. From an arts perspective it’s a really interesting place to visit. Not only is it rich in history and very beautiful, it’s home to two fantastic art institutions and a whole host of new galleries putting on some really groundbreaking shows. Tucked away are some pretty exciting artist studios and collectors homes too.
MUDE- design and fashion museum Lisbon 
Your first piece of art was? And why you love it?
 My husband and I bought two pieces by an artist called Tahnee Lonsdale that are hanging in our sitting room. There is a child like quality to Tahnee’s work that reminds me a little of Miro, another artist I think is pretty special. Tahnee painted the works in an attic bedroom in London, she was pregnant at the time and felt claustrophobic – I suppose that’s something we can all relate to from time to time.
 Bear is my only comfort-Tahnee Lonsdale 
With Frieze Art Fair around the corner what are your key events? 
As a business we host a large number of events all over the world and Frieze is one of our biggest months event wise in London.
 I have to say I’m looking forward to all of them but particularly a lunch we’re hosting with our artist ambassadors in their Stoke Newington Studio, Idris and Annie.   They are fantastic hosts and they will be discussing their latest projects with us.  
Idris Kahn and Annie Morris
Idris Kahn and Annie Morris
The other one I’m particularly looking forward to is our breakfast and private view of the V& A’s ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’ exhibition. Curator Vicky Broackes will be taking us around the exhibition, she was also responsible for the David Bowie exhibition. 
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 12.54.25
‘You Say You Want a Revolution’ exhibition
What does Frieze represent to you? or what can’t you wait to go and see?
I’m always excited to see what Frieze has to offer, This year specifically Tim Marlow, Artistic director of the Royal Academy and one of our ambassadors is guest curating for Frieze Masters (the one showcasing art from the ancient era and Old Masters to the 20th Century) and then a new gallery section at Frieze London (the section that focusses on contemporary art ) called The Nineties curated by Nicolas Trembley. 
 Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 12.59.03
Michael Landy, Market 1990
Where do you go drink your favourite tipple or put your feet up?
 Well, I was on the Committee of Soho House for a while and I’m very loyal to them, also the armchairs there are particularly comfortable. Otherwise my real favourite is my local pub, The Salisbury, which I walk past every day on my way home every day – it’s buzzy, relaxed, friendly and on certain days unavoidable!
You are an entrepreneur, mother and amazing wife – whats your secret?
 A brilliant nanny, a patient husband, a supportive business partner and a kick-ass team. 
Your style- how would you describe it? 
Clean, simple and elegant. Well, that’s what I aim for, the reality is often very different, but let’s not talk about that. 
Which Rox will you be rocking this Frieze?
 The Iris Rainbow cuff is a good one for day wear around the fair. 
Your last words – this can be mantra, favourite quote you name it.
 I know it sounds cliche but when I started my career in advertising one of the things I was taught as a graduate was to be kind and respectful to everyone, whether they happened to be at the top of the food chain or at the very bottom – a happy environment makes for a stronger team and a better business ultimately.
Thank you Daisy!!