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POWER PLANT 1-300- 340pc

As some of you may know Marco Walker is the eye behind the camera to all of our Bex Rox campaigns.  His work is Alive, dynamic and spontaneous – capturing the energy through the lens.

Last Thursday we got a got to dive into Marco’s creative eye, this time with a whole new perspective.

Marco’s latest work of art POWER PLANT  is series of collages that showcase Marco’s fascination with plants, how they support our biosphere and essentially our existence.

After reading an interesting article in The New Yorker about plant intelligence an American scientist proved that plants have feelings, this is where the inspiration started and developed to portray the contradiction between our love for nature and the destruction of todays machine world.


2IMG_0157 - 45in x 31in

POWER PLANT is showing at The Dot Project until the 2nd October.

Or contact marco@marcowalker for more information.