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When in Mexico, one must always visit the studio of Pedro Friedeberg! Ok, maybe not always, but we were quite honoured to have that privilege. Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican artist and designer known for his surrealist work filled with lines, colors and ancient and religious symbols.

Pedro Friedeberg was born in Italy to German parents, and has lived in Mexico since he was a child. His work is displayed in major Museums around the world, in Mexico, the United States, Europe and South America and is held in numerous important collections.

“I have invented several styles of architecture, as well as one new religion and two salads. I am particularly fond of social problems and cloud formations. My work is profoundly profound.” – P.F




Along with Frida Kahlo, Pedro Friedeberg was the only other Mexican artist recognized by Andre Breton as part of the Surrealist movement. That makes Friedeberg the last of the Mexican Surrealists. If you are not familiar with these works then you may recognise Pedro as the genius behind the infamous hand chair.

“I admire everything that is useless, frivolous and whimsical. I hate functionalism, post modernism and almost everything else. I do not agree with the dictum that houses are supposed to be ‘machines to live in’. For me, the house and it’s objects is supposed to be some crazy place that make you laugh.” – P.F



Pedro’s work is more than surrealism, he captivates the necessity to escape from the mundane. He admits to creating the body of his work out of boredom. But when you think about it, all art is created for the viewer to become transported to a place, feeling or dream that is out of the ordinary. Escapism at it’s purest.

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Pedro’s studio

For more of Pedro’s great creations you can catch his upcoming exhibition on the 19th May, see the picture below for full details…

Tesoros Escondidos-Conferencia Prensa