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BEX ROX interviews Lauren Imparato the brain child behind I.AM.YOU. STUDIO IN NYC RETOX. We talk everything from, juicing to business…

When did your love of yoga start and what was your breakthrough to get I.AM.YOU. Studio going? 

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, Lauren realized that she could provide what all hard working urban and suburbanites needed and spent countless hours and dollars looking for, but never find – a 360 degree, straight up, realistic lens for wellness, a one stop shop for their aching bodies and stress, anxious, overwhelmed minds.  In the Spring of 2009, Lauren resigned her job as Vice President of Morgan Stanley to launch I.AM.YOU., a lifestyle brand, digital magazine, and yoga studio in Manhattan based on yoga, nourishment, mindset and music, and write her first book, RETOX, with Penguin Random House.

You are about fitness, nutrition, and music for the modern day social human, what are your principals in a nutshell? 

Living Life! Life is about living, and obsessing over what to eat or not eat is a waste of life! RETOX is about living life to the fullest, and giving you the tools to be your best you on every single day, no matter what life throws you, and above all, without the dogma, diets, and restrictions!




What are your rituals before you go to sleep?

Sip of water, saying I love you to my man, and thanking god and life for everything it has given me.

What are your morning rituals?

Connect with my husband, live or via text.  Look at the sun and sky, via the window or a walk around the block and a liter of water.

What is your go to meal?  

Salad.  I LOVE salad- I am from Cali after all. That and some great, simple beef tacos on soft corn tortillas, topped with diced white onion. I share my favorite recipes for both in RETOX!

Blending or juicing?

Blending! I grew up in Northern California, the home of the original smoothies. My mom would make us them for breakfast a few days a week – strawberries, half a banana, and often an egg! It was the 80s… When my grandmother, who I dedicated RETOX to, would make carrots, celery and orange.

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What can’t you leave the house without?

Water. It’s a Cali thing.

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Can you give us a brief idea of what MUSIC MISSION is? What is your favourite track?

Bowie Let’s Dance. RETOX music is the yoga of sound…  It is the yoga of listening, and learning how to listen, to what is deep inside you, as well as to what is outside and surrounding you.

The I.AM.YOU. Experience relies heavily on the use of music to tap into nada yoga. Each beat, each chord, each lyric used at I.AM.YOU. is meticulously chosen to strengthen the connection between mind and body.  It is chosen to enhance the intangible emotional connection with the tangible physical tenacity of the yoga practice.

Your most emotional yet challenging moment in your career so far?  

Two moments really stand out.  The first, quitting my job as Vice President of Morgan Stanley. The second, launching my first book, RETOX.

Click to check out Lauren’s book
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Your perfect / basic 15 min workout?

RETOX YOGA!  for my 15 minute class.  Breathing, Sun salutes, some RETOX flow, Forward fold, Invert and voila! Off we go.

Your current tune obsession?  

I am oddly into country music lately, especially Knee Deep by Zac Brown & Jimmy Buffet. It’s the RETOX Music Mix that you get when you get the book, too!

How would you describe Bex Rox and what piece would you wear? 

I love the cuffs and the the chunky rings. Bex Rox is the epitome of the urban and natural that RETOX and I am, inside and out.

jfdHow do you stay stylist whilst working out – what’s your go to brand?  

I go for sporty chic / tomboy elegant.  I am not a brand follower but rather pick and choose pieces that I come across, mainly on my travels. I do love shoes though.. Everything from heals to my collection of Nike kicks.   I love using a piece of jewellery or to to complete an outfit or turn a non-outifit into an outfit, if that makes sense.