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Bex 21

We caught up with Jade Sullivan, the London girl, living in LA is pursuing her dream of being a dancer. You may also recognise her from our Rattle ‘N’ Roll campaign shoot!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started working as a dancer when I was 15, swapped a politics degree to dance/choreograph on tour with Roxy Music a few years later and then moved to LA on my own when I was 21. I did 7 years of martial arts somewhere in there too…

Favourite career highlight?

Having my face on the side of all the buses in London was pretty crazy…

First memory dancing?

My parents tried to put me to ballet when I was really small but all I wanted to be at the time was a ninja. I didn’t start dancing until I was about 11.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 05.15.03
Taylor Swift and Jade at the MTV VMA’s

When you think of Bex Rox what pops into your mind?

Rock ‘n’ roll

Favourite Bex Rox pieces?

Gold vintage chain bracelet, Aracelli necklace

 Being a dancer means you need to always keep fit and healthy. Are there any tips you can share?

Try something new every week like kick-boxing, hot pilates, air fit… and of course lots of water.

The Kitts Project Performance / Recording

 Music you can’t stop listening to right now…    

Anything that’s not ‘Hello’ by Adele. Still in love with Florence’s ‘Lungs’ album…

Favourite place ….

Christmas in London with a mince pie in one hand and a mulled wine in the other.

 Do you have a favourite quote or motto that you live by? 

Just do it.