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We sat down with Clemmie Myers the brainchild behind Lime Green Bow,  London’s best kept secret for amazing vintage. Clemmie talks to us about how to wear a Men’s tux, this season’s Bye Bye Baby theme and who Bex Rox would be if she were an icon.. 


 Clemmie, what is your curent obsession for Spring? and why? 

 Slips with oversized cardigans and sneakers, Vintage Kimonos and Jeans, Men’s smoking jackets worn with a tucked in band or official merch T Shirt (my new Juliette Lewis one is a fav).

 You work on themes each season, how do you come up with them and what inspires you?

 I look at what I’m sourcing what I’m in to what I’m seeing, hearing and feeling and then I pull it all together and the theme sort of presents itself. This season its Bye Bye Baby – think Hard Candy, effervescence, sweetie colours and textures set against heavily made up mannequins – it’s a mash up of femininity, addressing societies obsession with youthfulness, I’m trying to present the different ways we explore our own femininity and exploring the pressures put on woman to be everything always and what that looks like visually.


 Where has been your most eclectic sourcing trip? 

Brussels was a real surprise so much fabulous vintage from various eras and I stumbled across the main provider of costumes and clothing for Theatre/TV and film in Istanbul which was very fruitful.

 How would you describe your style?

Foppish Glam Gran on holiday in cyber space

 Which piece form our Rattle N Roll collection are you lusting after and how would you style it up?

Freya Earrings in gold and blue or red I LOVE these earrings and the tail like quality, I would style them by only using one earring have the hair up, vintage band t-shirt tucked in to high wasted jeans and a fringed leather jacket or a super simple LBD and slicked back hair and  lipstick to match the colour of the earring.


 Costume jewellery or fine jewellery? and why?

I love costume jewellery vintage pieces always inspire me and I love statement and oversized jewellery hence why my Bex Rox Lion ring is a staple on my finger and worn round my neck on a vintage belcher gold chain.


 If Bex Rox was an Icon that is no longer around who would you choose her to be?

Lauren Bacall – feisty, strong, feminine and sexy, colourful personality, fierce but full of love

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