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Shané Van Der Westhuizen is a model and socialite born in Durban, South Africa. She moved to Cape Town to start modelling when she was 19 and since then has moved to London, and works worldwide. We caught up with her to ask advice on keeping a beauty regime up with a busy schedule, fashion tips and her affinity with the Bex Rox pieces.

Tell us a little about yourself…

Blonde hair, blue/ green eyes and full of crazy. I’m 24 years old, love cats and unicorns, dislike annoying, loud people. Half British, half South African. World traveler, foodie and fashionista.

Which modelling agency are you with and where are you mainly based at the moment?

I am with ZONE models in London, which is my main base, I have agencies around the world in the other countries I work in.

How did you get into modelling?

A friend told me I should give it a try, and now I’m here!

Favourite career highlight?

Shooting in all the insane places I get to go to, Core Chevel, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Lanzerote etc etc…


Bex Rox 3

Bex Rox 4

When you think of Bex Rox what pops into your mind?

Chunky sexy fresh fabulous and daring

Favourite Bex Rox pieces?

Gina cuff and Alabama cuff

Being a model means you are always on top of your beauty regime. Are there any tips and tricks you can share on how you stay looking your best?

Try sleep! I barely get to due to jet lag. I have recently started using Lancôme “genifique yeux,” my eyes look fresher already! Always use a very intense moisturiser, I love Clinique- dramatically different moisturiser, La Mer is fab too. Hair – Redken volumising shampoo and ultra soft conditioner. Lots of mascara and punchy lips, go easy on the make up!

Dress how you feel, never do 1000 outfit changes, if it’s the first thing you put on, that’s what your subconscious chose, before your mind said “hang on a minute” don’t mess with that. Always carry plasters. And never leave the house without some Bex Rox bling.

Find the pieces that Shane wears from New York, London, and wherever else she may travel


Stacking up on Bex’s signature Cuff Bracelets whilst cooling down after a long day. Wearing Lola Cuff & Alabama Cuff


Matching the Lola Cuff with a bright summer dress- easy to clash or match with arange of colourways


Going for a casual look pairing a classic breton top with the signature Alabama Cuff in black and gold

– 18th September 2013