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We sat down with Blaise Patrick, London’s hot stuff. Central Saint Martins trained private contemporary and Modern Art Dealer currently in LA co curating “Someplace Else Right Now”, a group exhibition at Frank Zappa’s recording studio

What should a Gent always do?

Open doors for ladies.

What should a Gent never do? 

Kiss and tell.

Aftershave or no aftershave? If so, which one? 

Aftershave. Azzi Glasser: Mr. Vetivert or Le Labo: Santal 33.

What can you not leave the house without? 


Pet or no pet!? If so, what is your pet of choice? 

Pet. Pigmy Marmoset.

Your best party trick? 

Putting my leg behind my head.

Your travel destination of choice an why? 

Africa namely Kenya. Weirdly feels like coming home.

Your favourite tipple and where? 

Vodka Martini at Dukes Hotel, London, or a Paul Wilson (glass of water and an uber home) at Chateau Marmont, LA.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks and if you can what would it be?  

 You can try, but with dubious results.

Blaise Patrick and Christina Hinds at the Bex Rox trunk show at Petit Ermitage, LA

As you know we have just launched our new MRox collection, which piece do you see yourself wearing and why? 

Remus Wolf Locket, you can keep something personal in it.

Bex Rox in 3 words

Gun Metal Grey.

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