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Serena and the Stutterer team in Hollywood Hills

We caught up with 2016 Oscar winner, film and TV producer Serena Armitage. We talk nomination prep and everything LA…

Serena you’re nominated for an Oscar for your short movie Stutterer.  You have 10 days to go before the big day and you’re in LA …

How did you find out that you were up for an Oscar? 

I was with the core crew from the film, they all came down to my edit suite where I was cutting a TV show and we watched the nominations streamed live.  My editor filmed my reactions and every range of human emotion goes across my face in 30 seconds. It was an utterly extraordinary feeling that I will never ever forget.

 Can you give us to the log line about the movie. Did you ever think it was going to be an Oscar nominated movie? 

A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment, but an eloquent inner voice, must face his biggest fear.

Part of the Stutterer crew and Serena at the Oscars nominees’ lunch

English girl in LA – the pre Oscar experience this is every girls dream what does it feel like?

I’m loving LA – love the pace and the weather.  It’s just great to be in a city that lives and breaths film for a while.

The Stutterer crew out and about in La

Who have you been brushing shoulders with and how does it feel?

Well there were lots of A-Listers at the nominees lunch and it felt like a pretty cool room to be in, but for me the highlights were meeting the brilliant director Lenny Abrahamson and producer Ed Guiney (Room) and Asif Kapadia who directed Amy.

Who have you been most starstruck by?

 It was pretty cool to see Sylvester Stallone having a casual chat with Leo DiCaprio. I’m a big Brie Larson fan, and she had a slamming outfit on for the lunch.

Ocars nominees’ lunch picture – Serena wearing the Sunna earrings

How have you been preparing for the big event? Fitness?  Diet?  Whats the behind the scenes score? 

Ummm well there was a plan of a project Venus Oscar regime … But I’m with 4 lads and have just been for an “in and out” burger!   I went for a jog up Runyon canyon  (showy LA fitness hangout) but I got intimidated by the active wear and the insane incline.

Your schedule must be crazy, can you give us a day in the live of you?  

At the moment daily life is split between meetings with agents and production companies, press interviews and the occasional trip to the beach.

Next week is Oscars week and it looks like it’s going to get very busy – it’s pretty much red carpet every day. I’m normally a trainers sort of girl so having to look polished every day is quite challenging!  Thankfully with the help of Bex Rox, Simone Rocha and style genius Jen Woodward it’s all coming together.

We thank you for choosing to wear Bex Rox on the run up, which is going to be your lucky charm? 

Definitely the babayaga rainbow ring! Multi-powers…