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Juanito is the man who can at the most exclusive spot in London, the Chiltern Firehouse. 

Your current obsession? 

To wake up every day on time to run for an hour with Maxi along Regent s Park.

What must a Gent always do? 

Always ladies first and treat all one as you wish they treat you.

What should a Gent never do? 

Give up being a gentleman.

When and how did you get Maxi? 

On my way to Africa, my friend who was going to give me the puppy called to explain that Maxi had to go with another family. I was upset, but I gave up hope that I might have Maxi in my life. One year later, at Christmas,  my three siblings each gave me an envelope, in each one there was a letter M A X.  30 seconds later they opened the gallery door and Maxi popped up. I started to cry of happiness! The most adorable puppy I  had ever seen. He was christened with Krug Champagne on the same night.

Breed: Trockel (Mix of Teckel & Griffon and a mysterious grand father…)


6 years old.

His best party trick?

He brings me  a double espresso and the newspaper to bed, every morning!

His favourite spot in London?

Our local butcher, Ginger Pig and on Sundays the burger spot at Marylebone Farm Market.

Doggy manta for a well kept well behaved dog? 

Try to convince him, cats are our friends, Cuddle him every night with his cashmere blanket and give him love, love, love and more love.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

 I´d prefer to pamper and walk an old one!

And if you could what would you teach him? 

Bring me the ball back when I request not when he wants!

Your last word…. 

Wow wow! I love you!

Juanito 5

Juanito wears our Remus gold cufflinks 

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