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Henry Holland 5

We sat down with British designer Henry Holland and his French Bulldog Peggy, talking shoes, guilty pleasures and all things Mrox. Known for his bold designs and quirky personal style, his label ‘House of Holland’ has featured in collaborations with high end and high street designers alike, becoming a quintessential British brand.

Tell me a bit about you:

I’m too old to wear the clothes that I wear. I’m a control freak, I love my dog and all I want in life is more shoes.

Your current obsession? 

Justin Bieber. Is it ok to official like him yet?

What must a Gent always do? 

Be nice.

What should a Gent never do? 

Be a mean nasty bastard

When and how did you get Peggy? 

I bought her from Liverpool 2 christmases ago. She is for life though!

Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 2

Her best party trick?

Running away from her own farts

Her favourite spot in London?

Victoria park

Doggy manta for a well kept well behaved dog?

Don’t beg – play it cool always

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? And if you could what would you teach her?

 To not beg and play it cool!


Henry wears the MRox triple wrap bracelet available here: Click here. 

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Henry Holland 6