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Tyrone wood 1

Tell me a bit about you? 

I’m 32 and live in London. 

I am founder of a company called Tt Tonics, which is a herbal tonic powder company, Will be launching next year 2016.

Oh and I am a massive Arsenal fan!

What must a Gent also do?

Throw down his coat over a puddle so the lady can walk across without getting her shoes wet 🙂 

What should a Gent never do? 

Ask a woman her age… 

When and how did you get Wilson?

I drove up north to Lincolnshire with my sister to go and collect Wilson a long time ago now. we went to an American cocker spaniel dealer and picked him out. He was the most beautiful little puppy in the world! 

Breed: American Cocker spaniel

Age:  17 years old

His best party trick?

 Always last man standing at parties! Not really sure where he got that from 🙂

Her favourite spot in London? 

Well it used to be Richmond park. But since he moved to Hastings with my auntie I think he has taken a liking to the daily walks on the beach. Just what an old man need, much better that the city life. 

Doggy mantra for a well kept well behaved dog?

Lots of love and a good diet.. and loads of walks! 

And last question, can you teach an old dog new tricks? And if you could what would you teach him?

I wouldn’t want to teach him any new tricks , he is a very good boy and even if I wanted to teach him a few new tricks I don’t think he would listen. 

Tyrone wears the Remus locket from the Mrox collection

Gold:black locket image 2