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Last night Austrian-American photographer Marco Walker presented an exhibition of new works putting our digital zeitgeist against a bygone era of Americana. In this second solo London show, Marco sampled elements from pop art to emojis, and fused together new landscapes designed to both look ahead and hark back at the same time.

Mid Century Bolt (Edition 5)

‘ZAP / SNAP’ is Marco Walker’s second solo show in London after Wanderlust in 2011 and extends his inquiry into the natural world in bold and uncompromising ways. The vistas he presents echo the glorious Technicolor of holiday snaps from the 1950s and 60s. It is a world designed for advertisements, made to seem something it is not, pure and unpolluted.

Lucky Luke (Edition of 3)

Drawing inspiration from the Pop Art movement and seminal Californian artists such as Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari, Marco Walker appropriates mass-produced images seamlessly into his work to convey familiar but entirely new narratives.

Grapevine (Edition of 3)

Amid our online culture of image overload, #nofilters and selfies, Marco Walker reminds us
of a time where anything was possible and how our true freedom remains within.

Paradise Cove (Edition of 5)

Walker recently exhibited a series of work at 2015 ‘Recontres des Arles’ photo festival in South-West France. Walker regularly contributes to Self Service, Paris Vogue & Harpers Bazaar. He currently resides in London.

Bonneville (Edition of 5)

Hacienda (Edition of 5)

Watermelon (Edition of 5)

Woody (Edition of 5)

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