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Tell us a little about yourself…

After living in a few different places around the world, London is now the base. I was in Los Angeles for a decade so it’s like a second home and signing with the London based Agency, Visual Artists the dream is becoming a reality since they are opening an office in LA. Slowly but surely spending my time between London and Los Angeles.

What were your first inspirations?

My grand Mother Atelier in the South of France, she was a Framer (Painting). Surrounded by artists from all around the world coming to her place to get their art work framed, I was surrounded by Art & Artists very young.

Which upcoming projects are you most excited about?

Last year I participated in my first Art show in a gallery called Mobilab in Lausanne, Switzerland. A series of images called, Synesthesia. We are now working on my second series of images, which will be Photographed this summer in Los Angeles. Very excited about it, collaborating with a scientist that participated in NASA experiments, Cheryl Hayashi is a big help in making the project happen. The project is an hybrid of Nature meets Science & Art.

What made you want to become a photographer?

A few different reasons but when I think about it now, I love the idea of recording my life with images.

The Cool Cat Cap is featured in Clement’s photographs above.


How would you describe your style of work?

Real with a touch of fantasy

Where is your favourite place to travel?

The garden of Eden

Who is an inspiration to you?

Alexey Brodovitch, Krishnamurti and Napoleon Hill

What accessories do you wear?

Love Sunglasses!

What does Bex Rox mean to you – Can you describe it in 3 words?

Explosion / Wilderness / Passion

Last words (Your motto or favourite quote)

“I really believe in religion, in the universe. If you work hard and you’re honest, you get somewhere.” Ricardo Tisci, 2013, N°38


Clement Jolin’s work can be found on his website