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Bex Rox had the amazing opportunity to meet the gorgeous, Indiana and we fell in love with her music, style and personality. We are all absolutely buzzing to see her live in London on the 28th May. We got to talk to her about her inspirations, dreams and personal style.
Be sure to check out her Spotify if you have yet to hear her music.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…


I am a 27 year old musician and mother of two.

How does your music represent you as an artist?

It’s a little to the left. I’d like to think my lyrics are intelligent. I love to write about and inspire female independence.

Who is, or has been, a big inspiration to you?

That’s a hard question. I could answer it two ways.. An artist, which is impossible to answer singularly, so I’d say Blondie, Radiohead, Gary Newman, MJ, The XX and Frank Ocean to name a few. Or, I’d say my Dad. I loved him and admired him intensely and I lost him traumatically. It’s inspired songs but mostly its distinguished my vocal tone. I think that’s where all the pain went.

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Describe your personal style


Something that suits my mood with converse and a leather jacket.


What are you most excited about right now?


My UK tour that starts on May 17th!! Come check me out! You can buy tickets here


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


A forensic scientist.


Where is your dream destination?


LA, Baby!


What are the 3 most important items to pack for a holiday get away?


Bikini, sun screen and an iPod.


What can you not stop singing at the moment?
A song I just wrote called Arcade Hero!

Favourite animal and why?


Impossible to answer… If pushed I’d say Lion. I’d love one as a pet but it’s cruel. Maybe I could adopt one that for some reason can’t go back into the wild?


Which Bex Rox piece is your favourite?

Lions all day every day! And the rattlesnake tail is pretty awesome!


Describe Bex Rox in 3 words


Animalistic, bold and beautiful.


Last words (words you live by/ inspirational quote)


Don’t f**k it up

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