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The work of Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith has been the main inspiration for Bex Rox Africa Collection.
We could not have been any happier when they agreed to collaborate with Bex Rox on an event celebrating African culture. We got an exclusive interview with the two and it was so hard narrowing down the questions to ask them.  Their life is the adventure most of us can only dream of having.


Dinka Cattle Camp, South Sudan: Dinka Cattle Camp, South Sudan, a photograph by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher.

Interview: Destination Africa

Where to start – if you’ve never been to Africa? (Country that is!)

Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia

Best place you’ve ever stayed:

Chyulu Hills, Kenya, in a tent with the Maasai

Your journeys are such a sensory experience – can you describe the smell of Africa..

Smokey fires in village hearths, coastal bougainvillea, sandstorms in the Sahara desert, rainfall at the end of the dry season


Most memorable ceremony? and where? 

Wodaabe male charm dance on the Sahel of Niger where men vie for beauty. If a man can hold one eye still and roll the other he is irresistible to his female judges. 

Your travel survival kit – just 3 things..

Torches, water purifiers and stolen airplane pillows

Cant live without?

Cameras and drawing book




The Future Warrior Collection has been inspired by the works of Angel and Carol. The combination of horn and chains create the elegant yet rustic look. Above is the Large Horn Cuff with 24k gold plated chain fringe, the Warrior Alabama Cuff in 24k Gold,t the Maasai Warrior Collar, which is plated in 24k rose gold. The long necklace is one of our favourite statement pieces – the Horn and Chain necklace. These are just a few of our favourites.


Bex Rox in 3 words..

Fabulous, Talented, Irresistibly Loving

Last words.. what you live by?

Follow Your Passions


All of their extraordinary work have been recorded in to numerous best selling books and films over the years. You can now purchase their stunning books online at Bex Rox.

For more of an insight into Angela and Carol’s work and adventures visit their website: