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As part of our weekly interviews with people that inspire us and are rocking their worlds we have Sophia Rogge, model,  philanthropist and fine artist.

Tell me a little about your story?

I am a trained artist who is mad about colour and coral. I have a few different projects to raise awareness for coral conservation… I teach art classes to kids where the focus is on colour and corals, I run a silk scarf and sarong e-boutique, and I’m in talks with a tv network about a programme to highlight the plight of the earth’s most fragile living organism. I have hundreds more ideas of how to the message across but not quite enough discipline or time to execute them all…yet!

Your first memory of a sense or a feeling?

Being by the beach, where I grew up in Spain it can be very wet and windy in the winter.  The coast line is so dramatic, at the same time both terrifying and captivating.  We always take our shoes off and walk along the howling beach after lunch on Christmas Day.


What was your first memory of jewellery, wether it was the first piece you were given or one your mother wore when you were a little?

My mum lent me a pair of heart shaped clear glass earrings that she bought when she first went to NY in the 70s and I have never given them back!

What would you pick from BEX ROX and why?

My absolute favourite is the Evissa bracelet, I love the fluoro colours! Anything bright I automatically think is beautiful, like coral.

Your lasting impressions?

Someone who is genuine always leaves a lasting impression.


– 8th November 2012