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 Cosima Bucarelli inherited a passion for art and fashion from the many eccentric indivuals of the families she was born into, the Italian Bucarellis and the German Fürstenbergs.

Whilst growing up in Rome, she started experimenting with painting, jewelry, sculpture, fashion and photography and later studied Art & Design at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Media and Design (London Met). In 2012 Cosima graduated in Design Management at AMD in Berlin and is currently learning the traditional Italian goldsmith craft from artisans in Rome.

Besides this, Cosima writes about culture and lifestyle and is Editor-in-Chief of Horst und Edeltraut, the award-winning magazine that she co-founded in 2009.


Tell me a little about your story:

My parents moved back to Rome from New York when expecting me, so that’s where I happily grew up surrounded by beauty, beauty and more beauty. After high school I studied art in London for a year and later moved to Berlin, where I recently graduated in Fashion and Design Management. On the side I’ve been running a Magazine about art, fashion and culture that I created with a friend from Uni. It goes by the unusual name ‘# Horst und Edeltraut’. My latest project instead, is setting up ‘Cosmos’ a jewellery line to be launched next year.

Your first memory of a sense or a feeling?

The smell of pine trees, humid heat and sea salt. The feeling of sharply cut tiles under my hands when climbing up and down the sometimes mirrored, mostly colorful, always gigantic sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle at her sculpture garden in Maremma, Tuscany. I was 3 or 4, the ‘Tarot Garden’ opened to the public about 5 years later.


What was your first memory of jewellery, whether it was the first piece you were given or one your mother wore when you were a little?

My grandmother’s make-up table. She had jewelry hanging and lying everywhere… long necklaces, colliers, big cuffs and her trademark, big single earrings. However, one of my all-time favorites is a gold collar that was given to my great aunt Palma Bucarelli by an italian artist who’s name I unfortunately don’t know.

What would you pick from BEX ROX and why?

As a little humor never harms, my favorite has to be the Three Elephant Collar. The Art-Deco line is great, as well, especially love the Art Deco Ruby Cuff.


Your lasting impressions?

Creativity is the best antidote against anxiety and stress, at least for me.

– 4th December 2013