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Anyone who meets Assia will agree…she is a fun-loving tech geek, sports fanatic, music obsessed Italian woman, living between London, LA and Stockholm. She likes fast cars, digital gadgets, and working hard for her music and media clients. Assia loves life, Spotify playlisting, traveling, and just completed her first (un-trained) Marathon in 4h30m.

-What is your style? Why does it work for you?
Ultimately I’m a tomboy, but I need to fit into a feminine world sometimes. So comfort, efficiency, portability, and understated elegance is key for me. I have a very busy work schedule, taking flights weekly – from US, Europe to Asia – and as such I have to pack light and intelligently. I am a big fan of black and white, which is easier to pack. And accessories is where I add the feminine touch.
-What gets you out of bed in the morning?
 Music! I walk into my closet with full blast speakers, and listen to a Spotify playlist I’ve curated with love. This week I’ve got the Bex Rox “Attitude” playlist on loop– nothing says “Go Get ‘Em” like these hardcore tunes. Works like a charm.

-What is your first memory of a sense or a feeling?

My first 360-degree sensory memory must be sailing the Aegean sea with my father, en route from Athens to Patmos. My father is an avid sailor, instilling in me since birth a sense of adventure and respect for natures force. Taking in the chill Meltemi winds, absorbing the mediterranean blue hues, and hearing the chiming of goat bells as we sailed tightly along the shepherd speckled Dodecanese coast line….those are distinct senses I can close my eyes and feel, no matter where I am in the world.

-What is jewellery to you? What are your most prized possessions?
I’ve always been obsessed with accessories, namely bracelets, bold necklaces and chunky rings. They make me smile. My most precious items are three gold bracelets given to me at my Baptism over 30 years ago. My mother took them out of the safe last year and I have not removed them from my wrist since. I also have an “Assia” Diamond bracelet given to me by my grandmother on my Confirmation, which I also just recently started wearing. A bit cheeky, possibly tacky, but so much fun! With age I think you learn to appreciate and care for your possessions more, so I am glad to have re-discovered these gems later in life.
-What would you pick from BEX ROX and why?
Mini Kissing Sea Horse pendant… it taps into my romantic side, and connects me to the my first and most loyal love, the SEA.
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